915-00002 - Chargeur universelle de  bord

Used for: 36V and 48V carts. Excl. DC plug - Dimensions (LxWxH) 18cmx31cmx10cm. - CBHF2, 24 v 30a IUI DISCO - Easy to program for each required voltage and type of batteries - Can be used as an in- and external charger - For use when bypassing the OnBoardComputer (Club Car)

Référence: 915-00002

Code OEM: 3681

Prix: € 546,25



Chargeur universelle de  bord - 915-00002

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Chargeur universelle de  bord - 915-00002


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Ventilateur de refroidissement pour chargeur 915-00002 - 915-00011
Utilisé sur: chargeur universelle 915-00002
Article#: 915-00011
€ 26,81


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